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Enphase Inverters – Central Tucson Residence

System Data:

System Size2.55 kw DC
Estimated Monthly Production330 kWh
Module Number and Type15 Schott 170
Inverter Type15 Enphase
PV Mounting and PitchPitched, 32°
Monthly Environmental Savings739 lbs. CO2
330 lbs. Coal
1.3 lbs. NOx
2.1 lbs. SO2
Output URLClick to see live stats

These Tucson residents installed a photovoltaic system because it felt good to help the environment.  They chose to install micro-inverter technology, which produces AC power from each module individually, as opposed to linking a series of modules into a single inverter. They most enjoy the data gathering capabilities of their Enphase inverters.

Tucson AZ Solar Panel Array
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