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Green Valley Residence

System Data:

System Size7.85 kW
Estimated Monthly Production1,201 kWh
Module Number and Type24 SunPower 327 Watt
Inverter Type1 SPR-8000m
PV Mounting and PitchRoof mount, 20 degrees
Monthly Environmental Savings1,201 lbs of Coal
2,674 lbs of CO2
4.6 lbs of NOx
7.6 lbs of SO2
600 gal of H2O

These homeowners decided to go solar for a couple different reasons.  “It is our intent to reside in our home for many years to come.  As such, our investment in the system, combined with the percentage of sunny days in our location made for a wise economical decision.  Most importantly, our choice is a minor contribution towards a green planet for future generations.”

“Solar power is a sound investment which provides a positive contribution for future generations.”

Solar panels face south
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