Solar Electric

Going Solar is Simple and Profitable

An abundant and renewable energy and a time-tested technology, solar electricity or photovoltaic (PV) can meet all or part of your business’ electricity needs.  With a simple payback of 5-8 years, and a return on investment that’s above 10%, southern Arizona’s business owners are increasingly turning an eye to the sun.

Financial Incentives

It’s more sensible than ever for southern Arizona businesses to go solar. With the 30% federal tax credit and a state tax credit of 10%, the total price of a system is significantly reduced. Also, the federal government permits accelerated depreciation for solar, often helping to reduce your company’s tax liability. Financially savvy businesses are capitalizing on an affordable asset that will generate cash flow and reduce operating costs for years to come.

Stand Out in the Marketplace

The benefits of going solar are not limited to saving money and helping the environment. Like TFS, many other consumers make their purchasing decisions based on the environmental responsibility of a company. Communicating your environmental stewardship by installing solar is a smart public relations and marketing tool.

A Bright Investment

Solar power is a low-risk, high-return investment. In many cases, solar installations can pay for themselves in as little as five years. Take control of your operating costs, guard against rising utility energy rates, and purchase a valuable asset that delivers savings for 30+ years.




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