Performance monitoring allows both you and TFS to monitor your system remotely via the Internet. TFS  regularly assesses your system’s energy production so that we can be certain that your solar electric system is continuously operating at peak performance.

Performance monitoring clearly conveys how well your system is working, the exact amount of energy it’s producing, environmental benefits, and the total amount of financial savings your system has provided since its installation. In real time, your  monitoring system records, stores, and displays your solar electric system’s daily, monthly, and annual performance using easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs.

Assure Optimal Performance

Performance monitoring insures that unforeseen problems will not go undetected. Monitoring your system enables us to quickly assess if your system is down or underperforming due to solar panel shading, excessive accumulation of dust, or a possible component glitch. If TFS detects a problem, we immediately take action to reduce any system down time.

Example: Inverter Error

Marketing and Education

Internet-connected PCs and display kiosks placed in high traffic areas (e.g. building lobbies, retail stores, etc.) provide an effective way to demonstrate to the public how your solar system works, thus helping to promote your good environmental practice and attitude.

Brooklyn Pizza Company proudly displays their environmental stewardship.

History & Trends

Easily view long-term trends in energy production and usage patterns under various times of day and year. You can even compare the daily, monthly, or yearly information.

Canyon Ranch 2009 Annual Yield

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