Getting Started

1. Contact Us
Initial contact and site visit/evaluation. TFS will evaluate available space and review electric usage history (have most recent electric bill available). We can be reached by calling 520-740-0736, e-mailing, or using our contact form.

2. Estimate
TFS will provide a basic design and rough estimate of cost (including incentives available) for system.

3. Bid Research
TFS will research engineering, design, permitting and other considerations to determine firm price quote. This step requires a bid research fee.

4. Proposal
You will be provided with a proposal to include labor, parts, engineering, and permitting for your photovoltaic system.

5. Contract
You will return the signed contract along with the permitting deposit.

6. Permitting
TFS will proceed with all drawings, engineering, and permitting for your system.

7. Equipment Order
TFS will order all equipment and have a general estimate of delivery time. The equipment deposit is required at this time.

8. Installation
The system will be installed by TFS.

9. Inspections
TFS will arrange for all of the required inspections with the local jurisdiction and utility company.

10. Commissioning
The final payment will be due to TFS and there will be a commissioning ceremony.

How it Works
What Size System?
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