Solar Electric

Doing the Right Thing is Simple and Profitable

An abundant and renewable energy and a time-tested technology, solar electricity, or photovoltaic (PV), can meet all or part of your home’s electricity needs.  Whether your aim is to reduce your impact on the environment, gain energy independence, reduce your utility costs, or make a lasting investment in renewable energy, a photovoltaic system can meet your needs.  With a simple payback of 8-11 years, and a return on investment that’s above 10%, Southern Arizona’s home owners are increasingly turning an eye to the sun.

Incentives Cover Up To 45%

It’s more affordable for Southern Arizona homeowners to go solar than ever before. The 30% federal tax credit and a state tax credit of $1000 per residence significantly reduce the total cost of the system.

A Bright Investment

With current tax credits, a photovoltaic system is a good financial decision as well as an environmentally responsible choice. In many cases, solar installations can pay for themselves in as little as 8-11 years, and you’ll be saving money as your electricity bill is almost or entirely eliminated.  The solar on your roof can help you guard against rising utility rates and will deliver savings for up to 30+ years.

If you choose to sell…

Solar power is a low-risk, high-return investment.  A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory found that solar homes in California have on average sold for a premium of $17,000 since 2002 because of the energy-producing solar panels on their roofs. This return can be higher than the initial investment and you can enjoy the energy and savings produced by your panels while you remain in your home.

See a video of a photovoltaic system installation.