Here at TFS, we believe there are too many benefits to going solar to count.  If you are counting, here are a few of our favorites.


Enjoying nature's bountyIn Tucson, about 90% of our electricity comes from burning coal and natural gas, which have serious impacts on the environment and local air quality.

The average size electric system for Tucson is 6kW, which is what you would need if you spend on average $100 each month on electricity.  Whether you need a larger or smaller system, each kilowatt of solar that you install will, in one month:

• prevent about 145 lbs. of coal from being mined and burned,
• save over 70 gallons of water from being used,
• prevent about 325 lbs. of CO2 emissions, combating global warming,
• reduce sulfur and nitrogen emissions, contributors to smog and acid rain.


Americans use on average 5x more electricity in our homes than we did just 20 years ago.  Lower or eliminate your electric bill, and protect yourself from escalating electricity costs by going solar.

Purchase your system outright and realize savings with a 30% federal tax credit and a $1,000 state tax credit.  Recoup your investment in 10-14 years, depending on the size of your system.

Pass the Sunshine!


We donate a portion of our profits to help nonprofits in Tucson, through our Pass the Sunshine program, and in some years we have offered a Solar Grant.  Go solar and help the local nonprofits that you love go solar, too.

Past grant recipients include:
Arts for All
Southside Presbyterian Church
KXCI Community Radio
Native Seeds/SEARCH
Casa Maria Soup Kitchen


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