Getting Started

1. Contact Us

We will schedule a time to meet with you on site to evaluate available space, review electric usage history (have most recent electric bill available), discuss your budget and objectives, and answer any questions you have. We can be reached by calling 520-740-0736, e-mailing, or using our contact form.

2. Estimate
TFS will provide a written estimate of costs for the system options, including incentives currently available.

3. Contract and Deposit
Once you have decided on a system that is right for you, you will sign a contract with TFS and make a permit and equipment deposit. TFS will proceed with all drawings, engineering, permitting, and procurement for your system.

4. Delivery and Installation
Once the permit is obtained we will then coordinate delivery and installation with you. Residential installation times generally range from 2 to 5 days.

5. Inspections
Upon completion of the installation, we will coordinate all of the required inspections with the local jurisdiction. Once the system has passed city or county inspection, TFS will contact the utility company. From here, the utility company will set up the inspection date directly with the customer.  Once all inspections have passed, the system is complete and final payment is due to TFS.

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